The Water Talks

Low pH water developed in Japan is used in place of many pesticides

Maybe all Herbacides could be replaced worldwide

Emulsifying herbicides from strawberries soaked for 8 to 10 minutes in high 11.5 pH water evidenced  by the taste difference before, being more bitter than after the pesticides are removed

1 drop of motor oil  pollutes 1000 gallons of water -NPR

We were told to change our conventional motor oil every 3,000 miles.

 The car industry has now admitted it lasts 6 – 10K miles

Think of the environmental ecological impact if all owners changed their engine oil only once in the life of the vehicle after these 2 videos read on to see how I proved it for myself that with the right lubricant and yearly tests we never need to change motor oil

or only once a year

In 1982 I was introduced an “indestructible” Synthetic Motor oil

(Actually a Polymer) designed for jet engines. 

I tested it by changing the filter ONLY and topping off any oil lost in the old filter, as suggested & Drove 70,000 miles with NO Oil CHANGE in a Subaru GL The body broke down and a mechanic bought it for the engine in “Perfect” condition Then I bought a 1995 Toyota 4 Runner in 2000 drove 235,000 miles with the same oil doing filter changes ONLY until 2013 I never installed the optional bypass filter system and did not send oil samples in for testing each year

I then pulled a trailer that was too heavy and the ruined the transmission unfortunately another transmission could not be found with the correct gear ratio and I donated the vehicle with the engine in perfectly good shape