Judith Randall and TheGroovinAunts


Lead by poet, painter and musician Judith Randall The GroovinAunts are a band of creative artesian woman musicians.

They inspire, engage and teach tolerance of others who may be less fortunate have disabilities or may be different yet deserve respect as do all of us

Did you grow up with a quirky creative aunt or Godmother who was loving and didn’t impose many rules on you and somehow seemed magically in tune with you and the universe?

There seems to be a paradigm of this family dynamic interspersed throughout the world of aunties who adore their nieces and nephews.

Around the time EaryRecords was discovering The GroovinAunts there was a female photographer who went by the name “Tilla” She was well known around Western Maine for her photography and her engaging personality

Her spirited cup was always full of life, spilling over onto others which lifted spirits. Tilla passed away in church

The GroovinAunts dedicate their work to “Tilla” and all of the fairy Godmothers and caring aunts who make the world a little better and a more caring place by example

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