Barbara F. Kelly

B A R B A R A   F   K E L L Y

Throughout my life I’ve sought refuge in nature and in my imagination. I’ve been drawn to the interaction of color and form as a way to find a refuge from a reality that is often overwhelming


Acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 inches Call number in lower right of show announcement above for pricing




Acrylic on canvass 24 x 18 inches Call for pricing

Vivid Metal Prints approximately the same size with some cropping as part of the process and may be ordered see our number on the lower left of the show announcement and Call for Pricing


Acrylic on canvas 24 x 18 inches Call for pricing

 The shapes come to me from an ethereal and creative place that is outside of myself and yet deeply personal


Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20 inches Call for pricing

They are natural and playful yet at times hold a tension that yearns to be set free within me I hope they spark imagination in the viewer

Joy Unfolding

I have worked in colored pencils for their immediacy however I also enjoy working in oil pastel and acrylics Each painting is layered. The first layer would set the mood and texture of the painting, usually with just one color. The second layer would then be 2-3 colors in patterns that appealed to me. The third layer would be worked using a variety of methods and tools, even fingers. I would then “cut through” to different layers using fingernails, knives, the pointed end of a paint brush or other implements to create different textures and feelings. Each one feels like something elemental or expressive from that moment in time. Some were worked concurrently with other pieces, but most were worked alone over the space of a week or so. The large blue one on with the slice of orange was the first one, so it is probably one of my favorites. I also quite like the orange & gold and the pink with the leaf things. Viewers should know that I don’t have any concern about which way a piece hangs. It’s up to them.

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