Nicolas Marshal Snook OPTICAL CONTUSIONS



Nicholas M. Snook earned a BS in Art education from Kutztown State University in 1969 and a Masters degree in Art majoring in Sculpture from the University of Delaware in 1974. His first sculpture , Red White and Blue Ding was exhibited in the Painters and Sculptors Society of New Jersey 32nd Annual National Art Exhibition at the Jersey City Museum 1973. Mr. Snook worked as a graduate teaching assistant under sculptor Joe Moss and was the second graduate student to earn a Masters Degree from the University of Delaware.


During his time at U of D additional art exhibits included. the 11th ANNUAL REGIONAL SCULPTURE EXHIBITION at the Museum of the Philadelphia civic Center 1973, THE FIFTY-EIGHTH and THE FIFTY-NINTH ANNUAL DELAWARE EXHIBITIONS 1972 AND 1973 at the Delaware State Art Museum, The Walnut St. Theatre Invitational Art Exhibit, Philadelphia,Pa. ,The Fifth St. Gallery Exhibition ,Wilmington Delaware 1974, The Marshallton Gallery, Marshallton Pa 1974, The University of Delaware Student Art Exhibit 1973 & 74, and a one man show at Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg Pa 1974. Mr. Snook’s sculpture , MINI MINI COOPER was published in Motor Trend Magazine.

In 1975 Mr. Snook started a pewter design and manufacturing company and copyrighted over 150 designs. He has done design and production of products for his own companies, Colonial Craftsman inc. and Marshall Arts as well as Sears, F. Ronci Company, General Motors. Pontiac , Chevrolet, American Motors, the United States Secret Service, Swank Jewelry, and The GAP clothing company.



Mr. Snook is currently working in two mediums. pen and ink drawing. and sculpting using carbon fiber tubing and acrylic paint.
In both mediums he is exploring using visual tricks in drawing and rendering to create illusions in his drawings. The drawings are then used to make multi image video that adds more visual illusions.

He is exploring neon color schemes with the use of “3D Chroma Depth. He makes his color pen and ink drawings have three dimensional illusions. and also adds additional dimensional effects to his sculptures. He is calling his current works “OPTICAL CONTUSIONS “