Solitude Pouring by MARGY

Face in the Clouds by MARGY

“MARGY” is an “outsider artist” who is a self taught, spirituality minded and a high functioning Aspergers painter, sculptor and musician.

Her work is carefully executed, sometimes leaving parts of the canvas exposed. Flat, bright, saturated solid color field backgrounds characterize the small and medium sized works. She is cheerful, up beat and her most unique works harken to Giuseppe Arcimboldo but rather than a face comprised of fruit and flora there exists a silhouette filled with a wider range of items such as a school bus, a cicada, an eye or a yellow duck. ‘Mattress” incorporates a tiny pink encaustic Mattress while ‘Face in the Clouds” echos the lyrical spaciousness of Miro and contemporary Nazabal yet not with rendered landscapes focusing the viewer on shape and line. Working intuitively, it is highly unlikely MARGY has viewed any works by these masters.